Webinar Learning Objectives:

Webinar participants will receive (a/an):

  • Understanding of how to utilize the HITRUST Approach to manage risk and compliance
  • Explanation of how HITRUST's integrated programs and services offer global companies an efficient path to meet the requirements of multiple standards (One Framework, One Assessment, Globally)
  • Overview of the HITRUST CSF — a prescriptive, flexible, and risk-based framework that aligns to global standards such as ISO 27001, APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR), and more
  • Benefits of adopting HITRUST, such as: eliminating multiple assessments, or the need to answer redundant assessment questions (embracing an Assess Once, Report Many approach); providing consistent security and privacy assurances across a supply chain ecosystem; and more
  • Information on streamlining third-party risk management by using a single, comprehensive framework and turn-key programs from HITRUST
  • Tips on getting started, questions to ask, and other considerations
  • Live Q&A with presenters and access to additional resources to aid with decision-making
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