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Third-Party Risk Management?

The HITRUST Assessment XChange (the XChange), a user-friendly managed service and secure SaaS portal, was designed to automate third-party risk management (TPRM) qualification processes and communication. It streamlines everything you do today, all in one convenient location.

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Verify and input all vendor demographic and contact information and update where necessary

Communicate with all vendors on your organization's behalf regarding expectations, timelines, and scope of assurances being requested

Create custom questionnaire templates using the HITRUST Third-Party Risk Management Methodology

Notify your organization of any misalignments in expectations or noncompliance with requests


Scales to your organization's size, need, and profile

Allows for modular/plug-and-play approach

Utilizes recognized risk triage model to tier third parties and build risk profiles

Offers multiple types of assessments to satisfy different risk levels or required assurance

Aligns to control requirements associated with numerous authoritative sources by leveraging our proprietary framework, the HITRUST CSF


Enables API functionality for better integration with existing systems and workflows

Tagging enables custom filtering, reporting, and notifications

Delivers Inherent Risk Questionnaires and assessment requests to third parties, which can then be responded to directly within the XChange

Provides detailed analytics, including several different risk scores, which provide insight into the third party's security and privacy posture as well as your business relationship

How is the XChange different than other solutions?

Provides an integrated approach that doesn't require replacing a VRM or GRC solution

Maintains and supports an efficient Assess Once, Report Many approach, allowing organizations to simultaneously share assessment data with multiple business partners



Expedites the comprehensive collection and exchange of Inherent Risk Questionnaire (IRQ) and assessment data

Leverages a comprehensive, scalable, and widely adopted assessment process in the HITRUST CSF and HITRUST CSF Assurance Program