Next Generation HITRUST Information Security Assessment Focuses on Continuous Cyber Relevance

February 3, 2022 | 11:00am-12:00pm CT

Join us for a first look at the Implemented, 1-Year (i1) Validated Assessment. Learn how the i1 meets the growing market need for a continuously relevant cybersecurity assessment that aligns and incorporates best practices and leverages the latest threat intelligence to mitigate information security risks and emerging cyber threats, such as ransomware. 

The design and selection of the controls for the i1 place it in a new class of information security assessments that are threat-adaptive – designed to maintain relevance over time as threats evolve and new risks emerge while retiring irrelevant controls. 


Learning Objectives

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Discover how the i1 leverages a unique set of controls that allow your assessment to be threat-adaptive and continuously relevant

Understand the latest innovations in our HITRUST Assurance Program and how they make it easier than ever for your organization to obtain, maintain, and exchange reliable assurances

Learn how the i1 is a game-changer and what it means to have a HITRUST Assessment that is threat-adaptive
Explore how your organization can use the HITRUST Results Distribution System (RDS) to share and consume i1 results and assurances
Learn how the i1 can help you comply with numerous standards such as NIST 800-171, GLBA Safeguards Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, and Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP)
Discover how your organization can achieve a 1-year, forward-looking HITRUST certification with the i1
The HITRUST i1 Assessment is the first information security assessment of its kind with attributes not available through other assurance programs.

Threat-adaptive and Prescriptive

Designed to maintain relevant control requirements to mitigate existing and emerging threats and provide updates as new threats are identified. It is threat-adaptive, prescriptive, and focused on controls relevant to risk.

Sunsets Irrelevant Controls

Designed to sunset controls that have lost relevance and have limited assurance value based on effort required to comply or assess.

Provides a Higher Level of Assurance over Other Assessment Mechanisms that Deliver a Moderate Level of Assurance

Its unique controls selection and assurance program design delivers a higher level of reliability than other moderate assurance options.

The level of time and effort to complete the i1 is comparable to other moderate assurance options in the market, and it offers a forward-looking, 1-year certification.