These enhancements include:   

  • New Assessment Workflows for HITRUST CSF Validated, Interim, Bridge, and Readiness Assessments which replace the legacy assessment "states" with new "phases." Phases are designed to clearly articulate the steps required to complete assessments and obtain final reports, interim letters, or bridge certificates. Defined ownership of each phase of an assessment prompts ownership and accountability during the assessment process, while re-sequencing certain actions reduce the back-and-forth during an assessment which is designed to promote a more efficient assessment process.   

  • Status Dashboards which provide transparency into assessment status, open action items and their ownership, and next steps in the assessment workflow. These dashboards include:   

  • Kanban View: A Kanban-style board displays HITRUST CSF Validated Assessments as they move through each phase of the Validated Assessment Workflow.    

  • Matrix View: A spreadsheet-style view that displays the date the HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment has entered each phase of the Validated Assessment Workflow and the number of days  the assessment has been in each step.     

  • Assessment Details View: A dashboard-view of assessment metadata and status information designed to be a hub for each assessment.   

  • Webforms will give HITRUST Assessed Entities and their HITRUST Authorized External Assessor Organizations the ability to enter organization and scope information directly into MyCSF, electronically sign critical documents, and easily request draft report revisions. Webforms benefits include an integrated and streamlined data entry process into MyCSF to reduce redundancy, clarify the scope of the assessment, and eliminate incomplete submissions, errors, and the risk of uploading unreadable scanned images.  

  • MyCSF Notifications and QA Tasks will give HITRUST Assessed Entities and their HITRUST Authorized External Assessor Organizations the ability to track and respond to questions and follow up items from HITRUST during the Assessment Check-in and QA Processes. Each Task contains an action item for the Assessed Entity or External Assessor resulting from the Check-in or QA review of the assessment by HITRUST. Tasks will streamline communication from QA Analyst to Assessed Entity or External Assessor, allow for better tracking of open items, and provide more visibility and accountability for QA items.    

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